Beware The Ghost Trailer!

We made a trailer for our game!

Custom Rules

You open a chest and find a key inside.

We released a big Halloween update last week that lets you customize the match rules to your liking.

Mine, Tutorial, Fortunes and Customization

Happy Halloween!

We just updated Beware The Ghost with a new haunted mine location, a proper tutorial, end of match fortunes and scenario customization.

A ghost dances while the phrase "Haunting Accomplished" is displayed.

Charging Up Attacks

A bar to the side fills up and when it is full a chair jumps into a frog-person, knocking them over in a splatter of slime.

We added a little bar on the side so the ghost knows when their attack is fully charged up.


A character stands in front of an open books as magical wisps and electricity emanate from it.

The only way to defeat a ghost is by trying your hand at some magic.


A first person perspective as someone walks down a hallway, looks up and is crushed by a falling chandelier. The words "Chandeliered!" appear on screen.

Things will go badly for the investigators if they run around without minding their surroundings.

Match Awards

A crystal ball contains the words" Nomad: Walked a great distance. Pacifist: Didn't harm anything." A second crystal ball reads "Doormouse: Opened the most doors."

We’ve been rigging it up so that everyone gets their fortunes read at the end of a match.

It may not look like much now

A screenshot of Unity Ed… in 4 distorted images.

What we’re working on right now. You just have to trust that this will all make sense one day.


Looking for keys in a crypt with a strange altar; a normal thing to be doing that is not at all spooky.


Underground Waterfall

A first person view in a dark cavern that approaches a waterfall pouring out of the rock into an underground lake.

Our spooky mine now has a terrifying waterfall.