New Build + Boston FIG

We showed off Beware The Ghost at Boston FIG last weekend! It seemed like a lot of people enjoyed it. Also we made a spooky cheesecloth ghost to haunt our booth!

The build we showed off is available and it has a whole host of improvements that make the game a lot more balanced, pretty and fun.


If you can’t find any keys you might find a blunderbuss for fending off furniture.


Hedge Gate

What new horrors lie beyond this spooky gate?

Ghost Map

We’re adding a nice mini-map for the ghost so that they can better haunt the investigators. No map for the investigators though. They have to work together if they don’t want to get lost!

Grandfather Clock is Waiting

“I wonder what’s behind this door.”

“I hope it’s not that terrifying grandfather clock.”

Flashlight Malfunction

Your flashlight flickers when the ghost is nearby…

Empty Trunk

Even if the trunk is empty there might still be a ghost inside.

Get Out of There

We made the furniture a lot more interesting when you smash it.

The Ravages of Time

Grandfather clocks are a good way to kill some time.

Take It Back

Once the chandelier falls you are safe . . . until the ghost takes it back.