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Attack Dots

I thought this attack-arc effect came out really nice. Also there’s a new update for Beware The Ghost! It has sound now! And instructions and lots of other improvements!


Ooh, a not-at-all suspicious chandelier in the middle of the hallway. I’m sure it’s safe to walk under it.


You can choose between four different terrified investigators.

Beware The Ghost Update + Demo

Lookout behind you! We’ve updated Beware The Ghost with a beta build that is much more playable than previous versions. There is also a 2-player demo version that you can use to try the game out and make sure it … Continue reading


Common ghost shenanigans.

Player Characters

Ahh! Oh it’s just you.

Login Menu

We decorated the spooky login menu.


The spooky house has a spooky backyard with a spooky behedged patio.


Uh-oh. Looks like it’s Ghost O’Clock.


Ahh! A key! Too spooky.