Rainbows & Rocks

A rainbow for last week and a new cave for the fourth of July, to celebrate our independence from solid rock.

Combo Colors

I improved the way new points are displayed and now your combo changes their pretty colors!

Kelp is back!

You can run into and push around kelp again.

The cloth component in Unity 5 that I use for the kelp works differently from Unity 4 so all of these things stopped working when I updated. But now they are back and better than before!

Advanced Graphical Feature!

Fancy new advanced graphical feature!

Notice that the arrow is now on the lower part of the screen.

It only shows up in the area where it matters, even when you click outside of that area. Hopefully people will be able to tell that they don’t need to click all the way at the edge of the screen to get the monster to move fast.


Messily digging through blocks of dirt.

Boston FIG

A fancy submission video for the Boston Festival of Indie Games that should better inform you about the smashing of everything.


Urchins make excellent instruments of destruction.


Got my water shaders working again in Unity 5. Going back to my old water for now instead of Unity Pro water because it works, is less processor intense and doesn’t mess up my sweet underwater effects.

Unity 5 Physics

Unity 5′s physics balance things a little different from Unity 4.

I don’t know if this is a bad thing or a good thing for this game.

Unity 5

After updating to unity 5 something seems a little different about my pretty custom shaders.