Pumpkin Safety

A unity editor window with 3D editing tools for modifying a winged Jack-O-Lantern. The scene menu bar is labeled "Evil Pumpkin."

We’ve been tweaking difficulties today so that you don’t get swarmed by pumpkins on easy mode.

Holidays 2022

A house abuts a snowy ya…approaching the viewer.

Wishing everyone haunted holidays!

Snowy Pumpkin

A flying pumpkin in a snowy yard surrounded by pine trees.

Please enjoy this lovely snow-filled holiday scene.

Turns out the most obnoxious thing about making videogame snow is making it not fall inside buildings.

Convenient Display Setup

A game screen titled "Display Setup" with pictures of monitors with player icons on one and a ghost on another.

A major change in our latest update is that Matthew moved the Display Setup screen to the main menu, so you only need to go through it if you are playing on two screens.

Cave Walls

Agreen ghost floats around a roofless cave, seen from above like a diorama.

Because the ghost has a new camera angle, we updated the walls of our caves so that they look nice without a roof.

Gameplay of a ghost posessing a barrel with very helpful button promps.

We’ve been working on some new button prompts to help you figure out how to play.


Our spooky mine has some shiny minerals that were left behind when the miners ran screaming into the hills.

Mine, All Mine!

We’re working on a haunted mine so the ghost can terrorize the investigators under ground.

Floating Chandeliers

We made the chandeliers look a lot nicer when they appear somewhere without a ceiling.

Ghost View

We’ve been working on some new Beware The Ghost features!
Now when you play as the ghost you can zoom out the camera to more easily plan your shenanigans.