Now the game tells you how to play!
This is a huge improvement over the old approach where we would have to personally come into every player’s home and explain it to them.

Chandelier Installation

Chandeliers in this house were installed by non-union ghosts and may not be up to code.

Attack Dots

I thought this attack-arc effect came out really nice.

Also there’s a new update for Beware The Ghost!

It has sound now! And instructions and lots of other improvements!


Ooh, a not-at-all suspicious chandelier in the middle of the hallway. I’m sure it’s safe to walk under it.


You can choose between four different terrified investigators.

Beware The Ghost Update + Demo

Lookout behind you!

We’ve updated Beware The Ghost with a beta build that is much more playable than previous versions.

There is also a 2-player demo version that you can use to try the game out and make sure it works with your setup.


Common ghost shenanigans.

Player Characters

Ahh! Oh it’s just you.

Login Menu

We decorated the spooky login menu.


The spooky house has a spooky backyard with a spooky behedged patio.