Nothing creepy about a set dinner table in an abandoned house.


Thank goodness a greenhouse to take refuge in. Nothing scary ever happens in greenhouses.

Ghostly Gardening

A neglected plant that hopefully will not attack you when your back is turned.

Center of the Maze

If you can make it to the center of the hedge maze you will be rewarded by no longer being lost in a hedge maze.


Just a regular hedge maze with very normal and pleasant statues that are not at all spooky.

New Build + Boston FIG

We showed off Beware The Ghost at Boston FIG last weekend! It seemed like a lot of people enjoyed it. Also we made a spooky cheesecloth ghost to haunt our booth!

The build we showed off is available and it has a whole host of improvements that make the game a lot more balanced, pretty and fun.


If you can’t find any keys you might find a blunderbuss for fending off furniture.


Hedge Gate

What new horrors lie beyond this spooky gate?

Ghost Map

We’re adding a nice mini-map for the ghost so that they can better haunt the investigators. No map for the investigators though. They have to work together if they don’t want to get lost!

Grandfather Clock is Waiting

“I wonder what’s behind this door.”

“I hope it’s not that terrifying grandfather clock.”