Super Pumpkins

If you play with 3 or more investigators, you’ll have to watch out for super pumpkins.

Huge Halloween Update!

We just added 5 new levels and a new mode to Beware The Ghost! In pumpkin haunt mode you no longer need a second screen or a ghost player because you have horrible flying Jack-O-Lanterns!
Check out all the new stuff we added here.

Door vs. Pumpkin

Flying pumpkins find your locked doors laughable.

Forest Cave

There’s a strange little cave hidden in this spooky forest.

More about pumpkins

In the new pumpkin mode all players are investigators and are haunted by terrible flying pumpkins!


We’ve been adding a new mode to the game that plays a little differently.


Some ominous rocks that the ghost ship floats past.


We are planning to make good use of this jack-o-lantern model that Matthew happened to have a lying around.


Oh no, a spooky boat!

More Volumetric Lighting

Because our volumetric lighting system was changing the rest of our lighting, we switched to an open source one.
Which just goes to show that you get what you don’t pay for.