Network Options

Working on some more network play stuff.

If all goes well, all of these buttons will one day do something.


Added some grass variety because it was bugging me.

Ghost Art

Taking an screenshot of incremental progress on network features is hard so here’s an example of the ghost’s taste in “art.”

Server List

Had to give up on our first Unity plugin, but now you can press the Host Game button and make other computers see a button with a very large number!

Network Mode?

Making some exciting progress!
Now all we have left is the meager task of making these buttons actually do anything.

Interior Decorating

We’re adding some lovely paintings to the mansion that act as landmarks and also allow the ghost to showcase their unique decorating style.


Nothing creepy about a set dinner table in an abandoned house.


Thank goodness a greenhouse to take refuge in. Nothing scary ever happens in greenhouses.

Ghostly Gardening

A neglected plant that hopefully will not attack you when your back is turned.

Center of the Maze

If you can make it to the center of the hedge maze you will be rewarded by no longer being lost in a hedge maze.