The haunted hedge maze has a nice little cabin in the corner.


Watching the snowfall. Waiting to be visited by Christmas ghosts.

More Lodge

Another screenshot from the spooky lodge.

A Cold Winter’s Evening

Here is a nice cozy fireplace for you enjoy this winter evening that is (mostly) not haunted.

Green House

Now you can hide out in this greenhouse and watch through the glass for the invisible ghost.

I’d like to talk to the manager

It’s hard to find someone to complain to in this lodge if you accidentally got a room with a ghost in it.

Snowy Lodge

We’ve been working on a snowy lodge of spooky scares.

Happy Day!

This seems like an appropriate post for today.


Happy Halloween

Beware the Ghost is 20% off for Halloween!

General Update

Our mansion has some nice paintings of historical figures doing wholesome activities.