Plug in a second screen and enjoy some local multiplayer mayhem.

4 v 1 – Up to four players explore a haunted house while another player sneaks around on a second screen as an invisible ghost. If the players can unlock all of the grimoires hidden in the house they win. But the ghost can attack them by possessing furniture.

Co-op – If you don’t have two monitors then you and your friends can work together against waves of flying pumpkins.

A bar to the side fills up and when it is full a chair jumps into a frog-person, knocking them over in a splatter of slime.

2-Screen Competitive Mode

-Requires a Second Monitor-

One player secretly controls a ghost that can possess objects and use them to attack the other players.

Up to 4 other players must work together to activate all of the grimoires before time runs out. The investigators share a screen and can’t see what deviousness the ghost is up to.

Playing two-screen games is easy! Find an extra television or monitor and plug it into your computer. Just remember to tilt the screens away from each other so the investigators can’t peek!

In a graveyard a winged pumpkin flaots towards you before you smash it with a frying pan.

Pumpkin Haunt Co-operative Mode

1-4 players play on just one screen and race to unlock grimoires while being attacked by flying pumpkins.

A waterwheel on a foggy riverboat splashes through the water.

7 Unique Haunted Houses

Including a mansion, castle, riverboat, hedge maze, snowed-in lodge, mine and forest.