More Heraldry

Another heraldic banner representing what must have been a civilized clan of wholesome persons.

The Old Church

A lovely abandoned church in the middle of the spooky forest.


We’re adding some randomly barricaded doors in the haunted houses to slow down those pesky investigators.

Castle Banner

Threw together a banner to give the castle some heraldic flair.

Spooky Tree

Oh no, a spooky tree!


A portrait of some disreputable monarch hangs in the castle hall.

Don’t touch old things that work…

Today’s picture is this grimoire pedestal because earlier this week I tried to tweak its model and horribly broke its antiquated import settings.


We’ve been working on a spooky forest level.
It’s little more open which may benefit the ghost.

Card Game

An unfinished card game on the haunted riverboat.

Inside the Boat

A look inside our haunted riverboat.