Character Modeling

Modeling an ear that may one day flop behind a character and a jaggedy jaw that from the inside kind of looks like a weird spaceship hangar bay,

Twitch Dragon Fighting

We made a cool dragon fighting game that you play while watching Twitch! You can see it over at our friend Theo586′s channel.

Descend & Explore

Hey we made a Star Trek inspired game for a game jam. It has aliens and robots and giving orders!

Shader Insubordination

Shaders misbehaving on the monster. :P

Carving out a cold river

Building something icy

Deforming Snow!

You now sink in snow!

With much effort we somehow figured out how to get the Unity Terrain to deform when you walk on it.


Trying out some foolhardy gameplay ideas for snow.


Happy holidays from the suspicious arctic snowman!


A icey cube for you to run into.