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Urchins make excellent instruments of destruction.


Got my water shaders working again in Unity 5. Going back to my old water for now instead of Unity Pro water because it works, is less processor intense and doesn’t mess up my sweet underwater effects.

Unity 5 Physics

Unity 5′s physics balance things a little different from Unity 4. I don’t know if this is a bad thing or a good thing for this game.

Unity 5

After updating to unity 5 something seems a little different about my pretty custom shaders.

Green Crystals

Some nice big crystals of the green variety.

Magma Crack

A molten magma crack making mayhem in the moraine.

Soap Bubbles

New and improved pretty soap bubbles.


Stalactites cling to the ceiling a manner necessitating a rewritten breaking script.

There are red crystals now!

Bubbling Magma