Ghost Birdies

We updated Beware the Ghost and the ghost now gets stunned when the players whack them.

Beware The Ghost

We’ve been working on a spooky game!

If you have an extra monitor/tv and some friends you can give it a try.

It’s a work in progress so let us know what you think.


Modeling a body with a spike-neck. This is a normal thing to do and should not be questioned.

Cloud Serpent

I updated my serpent game with music and sound effects and more consistent visuals. And it’s now available on!

Character Modeling

Modeling an ear that may one day flop behind a character and a jaggedy jaw that from the inside kind of looks like a weird spaceship hangar bay,

Cube Friend

We tried to make it so the player can pick things up and instead accidentally made a bouncy cube friend!

Twitch Dragon Fighting

We made a cool dragon fighting game that you play while watching Twitch! You can see it over at our friend Theo586′s channel.

Descend & Explore

Hey we made a Star Trek inspired game for a game jam. It has aliens and robots and giving orders!

Shader Insubordination

Shaders misbehaving on the monster. :P

Carving out a cold river