Beware The Ghost Update + Demo

Lookout behind you!

We’ve updated Beware The Ghost with a beta build that is much more playable than previous versions.

There is also a 2-player demo version that you can use to try the game out and make sure it works with your setup.


Common ghost shenanigans.

Player Characters

Ahh! Oh it’s just you.

Login Menu

We decorated the spooky login menu.


The spooky house has a spooky backyard with a spooky behedged patio.


Uh-oh. Looks like it’s Ghost O’Clock.


Ahh! A key! Too spooky.


I’m sure the ghost had a good reason for locking up this poor defenseless book.

Steamer Trunk

Look, an old trunk! I hope there’s nothing spooky in it.

Ectoplasmic Slime

Beware The Ghost now has 100% more ectoplasmic slime!