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More Volumetric Lighting

Because our volumetric lighting system was changing the rest of our lighting, we switched to an open source one. Which just goes to show that you get what you don’t pay for.

Mountains of Madness

Making a new model that I expect to use a lot.

Character Modeling

Modeling an ear that may one day flop behind a character and a jaggedy jaw that from the inside kind of looks like a weird spaceship hangar bay,

Cube Friend

We tried to make it so the player can pick things up and instead accidentally made a bouncy cube friend!

Deforming Snow!

You now sink in snow! With much effort we somehow figured out how to get the Unity Terrain to deform when you walk on it.

Air Distortion

A totally sweet shader that creates a moving air distortion. I came up with a cool idea for this shader and then couldn’t figure out how to implement it, so a big thanks to my brother Matthew for making it … Continue reading

Adventures In Underwater FX

I started trying to improve water in Run Horrible Monster last week so my brother and I went and looked at a bunch of old games that tackled portraying what it’s like to be both underwater and out of water … Continue reading