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Looking for keys in a crypt with a strange altar; a normal thing to be doing that is not at all spooky.  

Underground Waterfall

Our spooky mine now has a terrifying waterfall.

Investigator Arrows

Added little arrows to character selection so that the player can navigate the menu with just a mouse.


Fate did not want us to have a brightness slider but Matthew figured it out, freeing our game from the tyranny of the sun’s terrible glare.

Custom Hauntings

We’ve been working on options for custom scenarios so you can design your own terrifying hauntings.  

Ghost Sighting

A ghost sighting in the new tutorial I’m working on.

Read a Book

The best way to banish a ghost is to read a book.


Finally got this sunset to render correctly. It may look nice, but it’s supposed to be very spooky.

Now You Know Which Levels Are New

Added a little “new” ribbon to let you know which locations you haven’t played yet.  

Text Flow

By the power of non-breaking spaces our words no longer hop lines as they appear.