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Old Mill

A quick look inside our abandoned mill.


A friendly pier at the spooky lake house.

Super Pumpkins

If you play with 3 or more investigators, you’ll have to watch out for super pumpkins.

Huge Halloween Update!

We just added 5 new levels and a new mode to Beware The Ghost! In pumpkin haunt mode you no longer need a second screen or a ghost player because you have horrible flying Jack-O-Lanterns! Check out all the new … Continue reading

Door vs. Pumpkin

Flying pumpkins find your locked doors laughable.

Forest Cave

There’s a strange little cave hidden in this spooky forest.

More about pumpkins

In the new pumpkin mode all players are investigators and are haunted by terrible flying pumpkins!


We’ve been adding a new mode to the game that plays a little differently.


Some ominous rocks that the ghost ship floats past.


We are planning to make good use of this jack-o-lantern model that Matthew happened to have a lying around.