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Cloud Serpent

I updated my serpent game with music and sound effects and more consistent visuals. And it’s now available on!

Twitch Dragon Fighting

We made a cool dragon fighting game that you play while watching Twitch! You can see it over at our friend Theo586′s channel.

Descend & Explore

Hey we made a Star Trek inspired game for a game jam. It has aliens and robots and giving orders!


Foggy old mine tunnel.

Little Crow’s Halloween Adventure

A neat Halloween video I helped animate for Crow’s Castle. It’s got lots of stop-motion silliness.

Serpent on Kongregate!

My game Red Serpent is now on Kongregate awaiting your rating. It also has a fancy new feature: saving your progress!

Crow’s Castle

Crow’s Castle has cool and distinct games and toys of a tangible nature as well as a website designed by me!

Spell Components and Uncle Demogorgon

Head over to the Traderous Goblin Zazzle shop to get your very own Spell Components Jar or sit back, relax and enjoy a refreshing dose of Uncle Demogorgon’s Old Fashioned Poison, just like old times.

Red Bubble

RedBubble is now one of the exclusive mercantile entities that sells Tricksy Goblin goodies.

Horrible Monster Figurine

You can now own your very own Horrible Monster Figurine!